Gallery RIFF OF THE MONTH (FALLEN edition): Stronger Monsters

By Felipe Salinas

Welcome to another Riff of the Month! This time I took a little more than a week for recording because of this wonderful special occasion. The Materia blog is going full Undertale and ROTW couldn’t step aside.

This time I’ll be showing you an arrangement done by Josué Ferreira (AKA Thecoolestnerdguy), in which I had the opportunity to play. Please check the video because the tab has some details missing.

Stronger Monsters is a wonderful mixture of Chiptune sounds, Guitar, and Saxophone. This fusion and a couple of other details converged into quite a unique guitar tone. The method of playing is also rather nontraditional, so pay attention to the instructions.

I hope you like this Riff, and enjoy all the content we’re creating for FALLEN as well. Have a wonderful week!