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Necropolis Collector's Edition Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Necropolis Collector's Edition Soundtrack (Vinyl)


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• Full Digital Soundtrack
• Customizable Death Certificate
• 180-gram Vinyl
• Cover Art by Steve Courtney

iam8bit, Harebrained Schemes and BANDAI NAMCO are collaborating to bring you the NECROPOLIS Collector’s Edition. This rather unique vinyl package contains a plethora of rad stuff, including:

Soundtrack – composed by Jon Everist (Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Shadow Run: Hong Kong, BattleTech) and pressed onto 180-Gram transparent vinyl. As with all iam8bit music releases, this collection is mastered specifically for optimal vinyl audio quality.

Album Art – designed by Steve Courtney, this unique cover pays homage to the punishing, maze-like architecture of the game. In addition to its engrossing artwork, the jacket features an embossed logo and a die-cut Brazen Head pupil that reveals a pop of fluorescent color beneath (on the sleeve).

Pen-and-Paper Dungeon Crawler – The album art doubles as a classic D&D-style game, including an instruction sheet and player piece. Players beware – it’s nearly impossible to navigate the maze without dying, but those who do will revel in the hard won bragging rights of success.

Death Certificate – In keeping with the tone of perma-death punishment in NECROPOLIS, a fancy, fully customizable Death Certificate is included.